Tori Amos - Winter
Single by Tori Amos from the album Little Earthquakes


Little Earthquakes




Alternative rock




Atlantic Records


Tori Amos


Davitt Sigerson

"Winter" is the fourth single from Little Earthquakes and the fifth song on the album.

Background Edit

"Winter" was written and recorded during the first phase of creating Little Earthquakes. This period also yielded the songs "Crucify", "Silent All These Years", "Happy Phantom", "Leather", and "Mother", all of which were also recorded at Capitol Records and produced by Davitt Sigerson.

The song was included both on a cassette Tori submitted for copyright in June 1990 and on the original rejected version of Little Earthquakes submitted in December that year.

Remastered and re-recorded versions Edit

Music video Edit

Credits Edit

Other media Edit

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Live performances Edit

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Releases Edit

Winter (UK)
5” CD single
east west A7504CD
  March 16, 1992

No. Title Length
1. "Winter" 5:44
2. "The Pool" 2:51
3. "Take to the Sky" 4:20
4. "Sweet Dreams" 3:27

=== Winter (France)
5” CD single
east west A7504CD/7567-85885-2

No. Title Length
1. "Winter" 5:44
2. "The Pool" 2:51
3. "Take to the Sky" 4:20
4. "Sweet Dreams" 3:27

Winter (UK) Limited Edition 5” CD in digipack
east west A7504CDX
March 16, 1992 

No. Title Length
1. "Winter" 5:44
2. "Angie" 4:24
3. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" 3:17
4. "Thank You" 3:52

Personnel Edit

Credits adapted from Little Earthquakes liner notes.

  • Acoustic piano and vocal – Tori Amos
  • Orchestra arranged and conducted by Nick DeCaro
  • Irish war drum – Eric Rosse
  • Recorded by John Beverly Jones
  • Assisted by Leslie Ann Jones
  • Mixed by John Kelly

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