Strange Little Tour
Tour by Tori Amos

Associated album

Strange Little Girls

Start date

August 30, 2001

End date

December 17, 2001


54 total

The Strange Little Tour was Tori Amos's th concert tour. Amos toured in support of her 2000 album Strange Little Girls.

Background Edit

Critical reception Edit

Setlist Edit

Like many of Amos's tours, the Strange Little Tour had a loosely-structured setlist, with song selections changing from night to night. Starting with the tour's second show on September 28th, each concert opened with "'97 Bonnie and Clyde" sung by Amos behind a screen and included an a cappella performance of "Me and a Gun" near the end of the main set.

Frequently played songs included "Rattlesnakes", "Time", "Beauty Queen/Horses", "Little Amsterdam", and "Take to the Sky".

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