"Strange Little Girl"
Single from Strange Little Girls


October 9, 2001 (DE)




Atlantic Records


Jean Burnel • Hugh Cornwell • Brian Duffy • David Greenfield • Hans Warmling


Tori Amos

"Strange Little Girl" is the third song on Tori Amos' 2001 covers album Strange Little Girls. The song was released as the album's first and only single in Germany in October 2001.

Background Edit

"Strange Little Girl" was originally written and recorded by the Stranglers, first appearing on their 1982 greatest hits album The Collection 1977-1982.

Amos chose to cover "Strange Little Girl"

While promotional singles of "Strange Little Girl" were released in the United Kingdom and United States, the song was officially released as a single exclusively in Germany in October 2001. 

Character Edit

As with all of the covers on Strange Little Girls, "Strange Little Girl" was sung from the perspective of a distinct female character. Amos transformed into each character with the help of makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin and stylist Karen Binns. Photographs of the women were included in the Strange Little Girls album booklet.

Music video Edit

A music video for "Strange Little Girl" was filmed but never officially released. The videos for "Strange Little Girl" and "Glory of the 80's" were the only two excluded from the music video collection Fade to Red in 2006.

The video takes place alternately in a house surrounded by a cornfield under a red sky and in the cornfield itself. In the video, Amos portrays two characters: a redheaded woman standing in the fields outside the house and a dark-haired woman who spends much of the video inside the house.

"Strange Little Girl" begins with shots of the dark-haired woman interspersed with scenes of her younger self running away from a wolf through the field and towards the house. Amos' redheaded character is seen in the cornfield spying on the house, and it is revealed that the redhead and the wolf are the same person.

The dark-haired woman enters the house and closes the door as the wolf jumps up and begins attacking the house. Her younger self appears in the attic and is shaken by the wolf's attacks. The adult dark-haired woman appears to perform some sort of spell, shrinking the wolf, who comes under the door and is scooped up into a matchbox. She passes her hand over the box, turning the wolf into a miniature version of the redhead. The dark-haired woman smiles and closes her eyes as the video ends.

Live performances Edit

"Strange Little Girl" was first performed live during the 2003 Lottapianos Tour and has not been played on Amos' tours since.[1]

Personnel Edit

Credits adapted from Strange Little Girls liner notes.[2]

  • Drums – Matt Chamberlain
  • Bass – Justin Meldal-Johnsen
  • Guitar – Adrian Belew
  • Wurlitzer and vocals – Tori Amos

Releases Edit

Strange Little Girl (Germany) Edit

Atlantic AT0111CD (7567-85149-2)
October 9, 2001

No. Title Length
1. "Strange Little Girl" 3:50
2. "After All" 4:19[3]
3. "Only Women Bleed" 4:41[3]


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