Sinful Attraction Tour
Tour by Tori Amos

Associated albums

Abnormally Attracted to Sin
Midwinter Graces

Start date

July 10, 2009

End date

December 9, 2009


8 in Australia

The Sinful Attraction Tour was Tori Amos' Xth concert tour. Amos toured in support of her 2009 albums Abnormally Attracted to Sin and Midwinter Graces.

Background Edit

The Sinful Attraction Tour marked the first time Amos had toured as a trio with drummer Matt Chamberlain and bassist Jon Evans since the 2003 Lottapianos Tour.

Legs Edit

Setlist Edit

The main set of shows with Chamberlain and Evans opened with "Give" and concluded with "Strong Black Vine". A segment called the 'Lizard Lounge' occurred in the middle of each show during which Amos performed alone, often playing cover songs alongside her own material.

Concerts on the Australian solo leg of the tour began with "Lady in Blue" and had "I Can't See New York" performed midway through the main set.

Opening act Edit

  • One eskimO (North America and Europe)[1]

Critical reception Edit

References Edit


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