"Etienne Trilogy" is the tenth and final song on Y Kant Tori Read's 1988 self-titled debut album.

"Etienne Trilogy"
Y Kant Tori Read cover
Song from Y Kant Tori Read


July 1988




Atlantic Records


"The Highlands": Tori and Kim Bullard (words and music)
"Etienne": Tori (words and music) "Skyeboat Song": Traditional


Joe Chicarelli

Background Edit

"Etienne Trilogy" is a single track that consists of three songs: the instrumental "The Highlands", "Etienne", and the instrumental "Skyeboat Song".

Tori has commented that "Etienne, as a song, was more of what I was doing before I came to L.A."

"Skyeboat Song" is a 19th century Scottish folk song.[1]

Live performances Edit

"Etienne" is the only song from the trilogy that has been performed live; it debuted during the 1996 Dew Drop Inn Tour and has been performed alone by Tori on many of her tours since.[2]

A live performance of "Etienne" was included on Legs & Boots.

"Etienne" lyrics Edit

References Edit


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