"Blood Roses"
from Boys for Pele






Atlantic Records, East West Records


Tori Amos


Tori Amos

"Blood Roses" is the second song on Tori Amos's 1996 album Boys for Pele.

Background Edit

Remastered versions Edit

Live performances Edit

"Blood Roses" was first performed live during the 1996 Dew Drop Inn Tour, where Amos played the song each night on a hundred-year-old harpischord, and

and has been played on many of Amos' subsequent tours.

Since its release, "Blood Roses" has been played live in a variety of arrangements. On the 1996 tour, "Blood Roses" was performed each night on a hundred-year-old harpsichord. On the 5 1/2 Weeks Tour, Amos played a version of the song..

The song was performed by the character Pip on the 2007 American Doll Posse World Tour.

A solo piano-and-organ version of the song debuted during the 2005 Original Sinsuality Tour. A version with piano and synthesizers was a staple of the Australian leg of the 2009 Sinful Attraction Tour.

Personnel Edit

Credits taken from Boys for Pele liner notes.

  • Bosendorfer, Harpsichord through Marshal, Harmonium Organ, vocal
  • Delgany Church Bells


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